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Here’s a free look at some written work. More than just a showcase, it helps balance the free therapeutic and paramuthetic help offered here at I have other pieces out for publication which I do not showcase. Please email me [click] if you are interested in any, or in a words-for-hire project.


She” Some thirsts are stronger than that of blood. Even in a Vampire Apocalypse. Published on 4/16/11.

 Just One Cut”  A macabre tale of a father’s love and a pagan sacrifice. Published on 2/14/11. 

Dead in 100 Tweets” (Tweet-fiction)A speculative autobiography of my own viral demise in a Zombie Apocalypse. Published on 2/3/11. 

Me and the Dame Murder and narrative rhythm; a  Noir fiction experiment. Published on 10/31/11.

DeepYou float alone in the ocean. Psychological horror written in the Second Person Perspective. Published on 10/21/11. 

Dicky Did LaserThe creation of an internet meme and the destruction of a man via Published on 6/15/11. 

Fish Eye LensA prisoner seeks escape—but at what price? Published in 2009 at


Builders Must Preserve A Marijuana grove in Warwick?! Small town charm versus suburban banality in isolated pockets of woodland. Published in June 2000.

Shopping Center Approved Over ObjectionsBoycotts, accusations, dumb ideas; it’s all in this front page piece as the citizens of Warwick township take to the “streets” in protest of a juggernaut strip mall. Published in July 1998.

Warwick Goes Online, Ice Cream Vendor SidelinedA backwoods hamlet gets the internet while a Pakistani man pleads to keep selling ice cream–they always have little boys in their truck in his country, he said. Published in June 1998.  

Planners Turn Down McDonald’sThe fight against urban blight involves derogatory statements about near-by Philadelphia. Published in October 1997.  

Police Arrest Adult Trick or Treater A Halloween teen groping? Bad Dracula. Published in November 1997 . 


The Great AfternoonA Band Biography used on their website and press kits. [Forthcoming]

The Quest for Gemstone DragonRallying advertising copy for the PC game which I was also hired to script, for use on the main website and paired down in 3 consecutively smaller versions for use on other sites. Titled “About The Setting.”

Multi-Flow: One Constant GoalAdvertising for a soda dispensing company—nothing like trying to make “industrial” interesting.

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