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Join The Launch Party

You open the shimmering digital door and enter a rush of light and the cacophony of laughter and merry-making.

“Hey! Great to see you! Come on in, the buffet’s over there, drinks are right here, dancing starts soon. Don’t mind that guy, just step over him. He got here before you, he’s just…resting. It’s a big deal here, people are a little rammy.” A drink is placed in one of your hands and a small paper plate in the other, piled high with wondrous snacks. You grasp these paper items like life rafts in a strange, but pleasant sea.

“Welcome to KeithKarabin.com.” Applause, cheers and a few good natured boo’s erupt from the growing crowd. You blink in bewilderment. You mumble that you thought you were just entering a blog, like the one you left, and that you should be more careful where you click.

“Oh, this is a blog like that one,” declares your host with a grin,”and much more.”

He slaps your back good naturedly. “I’m going to leave you to mingle and explore. Have fun!” With that he’s off to the next guest. You begin to look around and absorb the joyous chaos, your eyes settle on…

Hello again, internet! I’m glad you could make it to the Launch Party. This is the unveiling of five months of work, but I am certain that the work has just begun. This is the first step on a new path, and I’m glad to be walking it with you. 

Please, look around and avail yourself of all KeithKarabin.com has to offer. And, please tell me what you think using the comment box below. Yes, there are links scattered around to contact me direct if you are too shy to comment publicly–but there’s no need to be shy. We’re all friends here, and it’s a party, after all.

So, thank you for coming to the Launch Party. I’m quite excited. Enjoy, and tune in tomorrow for the very first post of the site, Iron Man 2: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Side of Genius.



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