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On Continual Growth

I recorded, sent and posted another Holiday Story for Jon Solomon's 25 Hour Holiday Radio Show on WPRB in Princeton, NJ. Folks, I find that medium intriguing. So, expect to see more of them, say once a season.

Gettin’ Hanukkahed for Christmas

– Jon Solomon, via emailHost of the annual 25 Hour Holiday Radio ShowOn WPRB, Princeton, NJ Last year I recorded...

Retrospective Intrusion: Can’t. Be. Grateful.

Today we are looking at...you guessed it; Gratitude. Or, the lack thereof. In which I look back on a meaningful, mildly provocative article about the challenge of gratitude from four years ago.

Retrospective Intrusion: Wholesome Horror

see this as a key time for a little Horror evangelism and apologetics. The door of the horror unbeliever’s heart is a little more open…so what should we slip in? Many of us congregants in the house of horror try to slip in some of our favorites.

Six Word Winter…or Was It?

The tradition of using just six words to reflect and provide closure to each season continues for 2023!

The Six Word Story of 2021

2021 required much adaptation. Here's to a 2022 where that adaptation becomes acceptance, and that acceptance moves from the individual and echoes throughout a new and improved culture.

The Unstoppable, Adaptable Christmas Marathon

The Holiday Radio Show is far from the only holiday tradition that has been adapted for a second year running. Based on data gathered for this piece 75% of survey participants modified their traditions due to COVID-19 precautions last year—and interestingly, an equal percentage are doing so again this year. Their reasons are as personal as the traditions themselves, but they all align with one of the key reasons that the WPRB Holiday Marathon has weathered COVID-19 and lasted over three decades.

Six Words, One Summer

This practice as a form of journaling has been shown to promote feelings of closure, reduce anxiety and prepare us for the next phase of our lives.

The Six Word Story of 2020

2020, a year that no one expected, warrants closure. This one took many drafts and more thought than some, and may take more unpacking as well, but, in the end, for me, it fits. I truly encourage you, try it this time.

Six Word Summer 2020

In these new times, with new practices, is even more vital to keep up traditions. Hence, my annual six word stories of the summer.