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Gettin’ Hanukkahed for Christmas

These stories are routinely my favorite part of the show! 
They have made something that matters a great deal to me all the more special.

– Jon Solomon, via email
Host of the annual 25 Hour Holiday Radio Show
On WPRB, Princeton, NJ

Last year I recorded a Christmas Story for the Radio Show and this year I did another one. Why? Because, ever since my very first interview with Jon, way back in 2009, I’ve wanted to accomplish two things every Christmas: Get the word out about a show that has, on some early and lean years, been the thing that held my Christmas together, and secondly, give Jon a gift. The marathon-style holiday radio show has become a year-round effort, not including broadcasting for 25 straight hours.

Last Christmas (yes, I bet you can now hear the song) I realized that I don’t need to come up with a new article about a facet of the marathon or marathon-adjacent topic to research–Jon asks for the perfect gift every year.

So, I recorded a piece. And, y’know what? I dug it. (Spoiler alert: You may see this format again).

Here is the piece for 2023. Part of the gift is that the show debuts the recording, thus, it’s the day after Christmas…

But still, Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah, all.

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