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Retrospective Intrusion: Valentine, Love Thyself

It was 2019, a little over a year before the pandemic, and this little piece garnered a good bit of commentary. Here on Valentine's Day, five years later, we ask the questions; Is it still current? Is the data still valid? And, do I still agree with myself? Let's find out Valentine!

On Continual Growth

I recorded, sent and posted another Holiday Story for Jon Solomon's 25 Hour Holiday Radio Show on WPRB in Princeton, NJ. Folks, I find that medium intriguing. So, expect to see more of them, say once a season.

Gettin’ Hanukkahed for Christmas

– Jon Solomon, via emailHost of the annual 25 Hour Holiday Radio ShowOn WPRB, Princeton, NJ Last year I recorded...

Retrospective Intrusion: Can’t. Be. Grateful.

Today we are looking at...you guessed it; Gratitude. Or, the lack thereof. In which I look back on a meaningful, mildly provocative article about the challenge of gratitude from four years ago.

Retrospective Intrusion: Wholesome Horror

see this as a key time for a little Horror evangelism and apologetics. The door of the horror unbeliever’s heart is a little more open…so what should we slip in? Many of us congregants in the house of horror try to slip in some of our favorites.

Shared Story, Shared Struggle, Shared Victory

I have a secret! Two months ago, I had the honor and joy to be on the Our Story Isn’t Over! Podcast, just one of the many amazing projects of Youth Move PA, a “a statewide youth and young adult advocacy organization dedicated to eliminating stigma surrounding mental health while promoting wellness and recovery for those seeking aid along their journey.”

Emerging Independence

Each life choice, success or failure, serves to shape the emerging adult into the independent full adult to come. Each dalliance with a new interest or attempt at a new skill is part of the winnowing process that builds a healthy human adult.

Six Word Winter…or Was It?

The tradition of using just six words to reflect and provide closure to each season continues for 2023!

Valentine, Discipline Thyself

Self-love is a crucial hug we give ourselves in a challenging world. Self-discipline lists the negative parts of us among the world’s challenges and says, “quit hugging and start fighting!” Both are vital to long term health, and both share the same purpose. Self-discipline is self-love. It’s just not as fun!

Death to the New Year’s Resolution

If you are like most Americans (78%, according to Statista) you either haven’t kept your resolution, never made one, or aren’t sure if you kept your resolution (5%) which is the most hilarious statistic of all. That must have been one fun New Year’s Eve to not be sure of your resolution.