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Shared Story, Shared Struggle, Shared Victory

I’m working a blue-collar job just like my dad.
Where my dad helped build houses, I help people
build the lives they want to live.

– Keith Karabin, MSCC, LPC
This guy
“Building Homes Within Ourselves”
Our Story Isn’t Over! Podcast 6/30/23

Here’s the TLDR: I have a secret! Two months ago, I had the honor and joy to be on the Our Story Isn’t Over! Podcast, just one of the many amazing projects of Youth Move PA, a “a statewide youth and young adult advocacy organization dedicated to eliminating stigma surrounding mental health while promoting wellness and recovery for those seeking aid along their journey.” If mental health stigma was a jungle, these fine people are blazing a trail to a better tomorrow armed with hope, positivity, and a genuineness that doesn’t turn away from the dangers of unwellness but sees that struggle as something that should be embraced and shared.

Those long-time readers can already tell why I was so glad to help out with my insufficient words. We chat about overcoming stigma, psychosis and the value of having the right supports at the right time, while also geeking out once or twice. Chris Lunsford, the host, is an amazing human who made it impossible to avoid indulging in discussing our shared loves, be it recovery or geekery.

So, here’s the podcast below, I’ll let it speak for itself.

Please check out Youth Move PA’s site and the other insightful podcasts, as well as their host “of training and educational opportunities for youth, young adults, and…professionals.” As they said, they “want to create a MOVEment by Motivating Others through Voices of Experience” and they sure have.

No matter if it’s the Thrive for Hope virtual support group or the Wellness Day events full of fun activities, games, workshops and more at a local park; you have a place with them be you counselor, client, friend or loved one. We all have a story to share. With Life Through my Lens Youth Move partners with other like-minded organizations to address self- stigma in a brave and proud manner while raising up the next generation of young supporters and leaders in their Peer Generation Youth Empowerment and Sources of Strength programs.

Take a look, you may find a light you’ve been needing, or a way to be a light to others. The struggle is real, but so recovery, especially when it is shared.

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