Can’t. Be. Grateful.

I wonder how many of us struggled to find something to say we were thankful for yesterday. I wonder if there were some who just faked it or said “pass” because they felt they had nothing. I’m sure there were, just as there were others who may have chosen to stay home or had no place to go which makes gratitude a significant challenge. We all struggle to find something to be grateful for at times. It’s a painful place to be. The way out is to let go.

Outdoor Restores Work!

Researchers studied 18,500 people and found that spending time in nature can bring you as much satisfaction, vitality and meaning as having a good marriage, education or income!

New Amsterdam: Best Medicine for Counselors

New Amsterdam: The heart is what keeps me coming back as a fan and a counselor. It is the belief that everything can be improved. Quality of life, the healthcare system, our relationships, ourselves.

Valentine, Love Thyself

We look at that list and say, “Yeah, I want all those benefits!” But perhaps you’re like me and the idea of self-compassion is challenging. Where do we even start? And, how do we avoid beating ourselves up when we fail at being self-compassionate?

Clean up Your Mehs!

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world...

Your Stress Free Vacation in 5 Steps or Less

  Key: Relaxing vacations take purposeful preparation. Living it: Make lists, buffers, boundaries and memories. Clinical Concept: Blending Acceptance and...

Fitness and Fun: National Child Mental Health Awareness Day 2018

“For too long we have been embarrassed to admit when our children need emotional or psychiatric help, worried that the...

The River’s Secret: Flow through adversity and anxiety

  “Of all the virtues we can learn no trait is more useful, more essential for survival, and more likely...

We All Overcome

  “Mental health problems are more common than heart disease, lung disease and cancer combined.” – National Institute of Mental...

To a Nourishing 2017!

To a Nourishing 2017!

  “New Year’s Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written…and lived in this transformative...