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Six Words, One Summer

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

– Henry James, Author

As we know, every year around this time, as Labor Day approaches, I choose to reflect on the summer using a Six Word Story.

This practice as a form of journaling has been shown to promote feelings of closure, reduce anxiety and prepare us for the next phase of our lives. As an Ecotherapist I find practices like this which follow a seasonal pattern specifically valuable to my clients who struggle with acceptance, in-moment focus and even grief and loss.

This summer this is my story:

Family Life

Adventurously making many new shots together.

Personal Journey

Same battle with a greater team.

Saying a Grateful Farewell

Too quick old friend, good times!

It’s been a wonderful summer, with our grand finale around the corner, still. I must say some of those words caused an ache, and that’s a good thing. Better felt, expressed and shared. It shows our lives are real, powerful things, not just collections of moments.

So, those are mine. What are yours?

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