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Shooting From the Hip

“The revolver rules, the revolver is triumphant.”
-Walt Whitman quotes

Six bullets can change the world. Red Dead Redemption and my current research into the Civil War have proven that to me. Both the Old West or the Civil War were ruled by the six-shot revolver.

With that as an inspiration, and the understanding that some blog posts should simply involve updating you, dear internet, on my life, I’ve decided to give you the six highlights of the last six months in six word stories. Six word stories have been around since 1920 and allegedly come out of a bet with Hemmingway in which he was challenged to write a complete story in six words. The classic “For sale: baby shoes, never used” is what he penned. If you’re interested in the concept of six word stories, you can find a great site here.

Thirty-Six words is just the right amount of personal vanity. Though none of these are anywhere near Hemmingway’s level, I do think they sum things up tightly.

The chamber’s loaded, I’m shooting from the hip. And…

On Red Dead Redemption
Free as the West, but couch-wise.

On Our Recent Vacation
Built family, home and fun, loved much.

On Our Family Summer
Seasonal hug; warm, joyful and restorative.

On The New Job
Same calling, new kids, Tie-less upgrade.

On My Creative Work
My keyboard runneth over, some pays.

With Gratitude
So blessed in every aspect; overwhelmed.


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