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The Wordslinger’s Challenge: Fall 2012

The revolver rules, the revolver is triumphant.”
-Walt Whitman

I holstered lengthy blogs on my personal life when this website was born, in favor of more scholarly toned articles. (Ok, maybe I meant scholarly, as in “juvenile”) A few times a year, usually in Spring and Fall, I will allow myself to speak purely autobiographically.

But, here’s the trick: I only do it in “Six Word Stories.”

What can a writer do with six words? As much as a gunslinger can do with six bullets. Stand back, ladies and gents, because this Wordslinger’s got a keyboard full of hot lead.

On Skyrim
So many hours, so little time.

On Our Travels Abroad
Had a peachy time; missing them.

On Our Family Summer
Fireflies to Faries, love going strong.

On My Creative Work
Two charts of effort, one check.

With Gratitude
God now heals my body too.


See the comment box? Now it’s your turn. Ready, aim, and fire off your own.


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