A Year of Transition



Happy Birthday us!

Our haven of Street Level Wellness was born six years ago this month. It is truly amazing how fast it’s gone and how much we’ve grown. From that first article about Iron Man to tackling life’s hardest topics in a realistic but positive way, year after year. From wondering if anyone will read to a point where agencies contact monthly about being placed on the Helplinks page.

And you, new readers who have tripled and quadrupled our readership over time. Thank you.

Last year’s theme of the year ended up being Overcoming our past or our conditions. This year it turns out to be thriving through coming transitions. Transition is a part of life, young or old, and it is unavoidable for growth, despite the stress it can bring.

This theme wove its way through many of the articles this year (see how many you can find—it’s fun!) but these three exemplified the message, each in their own way.

bombthumbAdulthood’s Glory – Parenting. If we had read all the facts, disclaimers and ingredients as though it were a box at the grocery store, would we buy it? I hope yes, and this article looks at one of the hardest parts of parenting; the inevitable transitions which bring our children pain and confusion and have no cause except for growing up. This is a strength-focused look at when our children become people and how to not lose sight of the awesomeness when they begin to really see the world.





doubtthumbSelf-Doubt: A Love Story – As I write this I am Keith Karabin, MSCC, LPC or “Licensed Professional Counselor.” Whew. Two years, multiple submissions and applications to the State Board, thousands of hours of internship, practicum and counseling and one giant exam marked the greatest transition of my professional life. And with that came a ton of fear and doubt. But that’s normal for all of us, in fact, it’s essential to make any strong transition and crucial to being the best we can be.





balancethumbOur Power Perspective – This article debuted the diagram to the left, the Emotional Health Triangle which illustrates the essential synergy of sleep, gratitude and a keeping a balanced perspective. Gratitude and sleep were explored in prior articles but this one operationalized them both within a balanced perspective on ourselves as we transition through the events of our lifetimes.





These three articles exemplify the theme of transition, and 2017 is going to bring a transition of its own to KeithKarabin.com. The layout and art will get a splendid upgrade after six awesome years! Conversations with a brilliant design team have already begun.

The look and navigation of KeithKarabin.com may be transitioning, but the quality content will not change in the coming year, except to get better and better.

Thank you for being part of such exciting times!



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