2016: Year of the Guest


I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before…

– Neil Gaiman, Author


Back in May, on the anniversary of the site, we observed that the theme this year was that of making healthy, hopeful transitions in life. As we look back over 2016, we see that another interesting trend emerged; the guest post.

There was one guest post in 2015 written by aromatherapy experts and that number tripled in 2016 (simple math=three) as the blog was graced by other experts in their field. We had true medical expert, Dr. Steven Johnson talking about suicide, my daughter Illyana Karabin speaking on the topic of joyful wellness and our cat Griffin exhorting the health benefits of owning a pet.

Perhaps these articles will provide some direction or encouragement as we look towards living a happier, healthier more hopeful 2017.

Suicide Prevention: Talking about suicide with your family (July 2016) “Steve Johnson is a preman-258449_1280-medical student and part of PublicHealthLibrary.org a ‘pet project of premedical students who love the opportunity to geek out with medicine and technology while serving the community.’ He reached out to KeithKarabin.com because he wanted to share resources about preventing suicide…The topic of suicide can be hard to bring up, but remaining silent about it can be extremely dangerous…While you may feel like there is only so much you can do, opening up and being supportive is an important place to begin,” he said.

wp_20160527_001How to Live Kid Happy (June 2016)…today is a guest post about facing the fears but embracing the fun since Street Level Wellness in kid-terms is just ‘being happy.’ Illyana Karabin, age 7 and 362 days, will now tell us, in her own words, what to focus on to be happy at seven, eight and beyond…Living happy as a kid is not so different from living happy as an adult: Food, Love, Fun and Chasing Aspirations.”


Pets are Best (August 2016) “My name is Griffin Raincloud Lick-a-paw Karabin. The kids call me Goo  Goo. I am the cat. I am grey and black and cutest. I helping Keith write article today on Pets for Street Level Wellness because I am the expurrt. I am the cat…So you should have a pet. Or, truth-telling, let a pet have you. Go get one now, no-pet person. Feel better, live better, and think better. Use your thumbs and get a purpose…”

2017 is already set to be a profound year of growth at KeithKarabin.com. You will see some nifty upgrades, for sure. We hope that 2017 is also a year in which you see some personal “upgrades” and that you all stay awesome.






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