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All For Blog, and Blog For All!

This Friday will mark the three month anniversary of this website.

Remember when three month anniversaries meant something? In Junior High School—heck, Senior High for me—having a little lady put up with me for three months was huge. Huge enough to warrant the movie out, mushy card, single rose and dinner at Friendly’s level of romance. Boom. Those Old Spice commercials have nothing on teenage me. There went a neophyte Casanova, indeed.

Internet, it has been three months. It’s time to talk about our relationship.

It’s Not You, It’s Me

“Love is being stupid together.”
-Paul Valery, French Poet

As you may have noted, these posts tackle any manner of issue, tack on a psychological perspective, and toss in some judicious internet research. I have a plan for each post, and a list of future posts. I’ll get to the future posts in a second, I don’t want to distract from the issue at hand, which is what you think is missing from our relationship.

What I’m saying is, I need your help. I’d like this blog to offer you something; an insight, a chuckle, some aid on a concerning topic. I need you to tell me what you’d like to read here. What interests you about the issues or struggles of life? What are fun topics? What conditions do you find intriguing? What are some suggestions in books, movies, music or writers that you think I’d dig? What is important to you?

Please shout out what you’d like to see here in the comment box below, or, if you’d rather be anonymous, email me or use the comment submission page.

What We Always Do, Pinky, Plan to Take Over The World!

“Man, I had a pretty good plan until this latest crisis,” 
-Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans
during Hurricane Katrina

Got plans, big plans. What’s in store, avid readers? The world, people. The world. These sure aren’t chronological, and new ones will surely pop up like old friends at the grocery store and demand attention.

  • – A vast and ungainly collection of words on Hoarding.
  • – A teenage reminiscence and review of Scott Pilgrim Saves the World.
  • – An in-depth, investigative report on both sides of Clown Fear (Coulrophobia) with interviews with many fine clowns already.
  • – Some cycling thoughts about my work with Anxiety.
  • – A recap of summer fun with my dear ones, in the context of Family Bonding.

Do any of these tickle your cerebellum? I hope so.

Wanna Be on The Internet?

“Oh, so they have internet on computers now!”
-Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta)

I’m working on a piece on the creative process of writers. Would any of you writerly types care to be e-interviewed? Drop me a line, I’ll pop you some props.

Strangely, the usually very vocal clown hating side of the Coulrophobia issue hasn’t responded to any of my multiple entreaties. I’m striving for a journalistic balance. If you’d like to participate in a short e-interview to vent your spleen or voice your fears on the topic of clowns, please let me know.

How Do You Spell Koom Bye Yah?

“On this team, we’re all united in a common goal: to keep my job.”
Lou Holtz, Football Coach

 After three months of posts, I’m heartened to say that this website is on track, the bonsai is trimmed true. The future of the site is not for me alone to decide. I believe all the best human endeavors happen as a collaboration. 

Enron. American Chopper. Sodom. BP. Congress. MOVE. The Branch Davidians. Parents Music Resource Center. Gomorrah. The Heaven’s Gate Sect. PBS. Babel. Jet Blue. The People’s Temple. Criss Angel and Britney Spears. Just to name a few.

See? Collaboration always brings success. I’m psyched.


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