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The Horrific (Horror Fic?) Secret Project Revealed!

I love reading Horror, yet I never took a stab at writing Horror, until recently. Part of the reason is because, though I love to read it, a good horror story idea had never lept into my brain. Until recently. Then it happened twice. (If this were a horror movie, that realization would have sounded like this.)

The first one was a short story which plumped as it cooked, like one of those old hot dogs, until it became too fat to be marketable. Fear not, I will chop it down to size. I had thought that I was creativly exhausted at the end of that process. Especially, with the Horror genre. 

Then I surfed over to Chucky’s blog and discovered that he’s going on vacation this month and is leaving the asylum to the inmates in the form of a Horror Flash Fiction contest. Each contestent writes one thousand horrific little words with a vacation or travel theme. Each story is published daily at TerribleMinds.com. Then voting. Winner. Gets. Prize.

“I don’t care,” I said to the computer screen. “I’m spent. I told my horror story. All I have left is rayguns, swords and faeries.” I got up from the computer screen. I made lunch. I did laundry. 

All the while, the idea lurked in the back of my head. As we learned last week, creativity often needs the spark of challenge to become inspiration. I had my challenege. I even had an idea. I lacked inpsiration.

Inspiration hit me as I passed the cans of peas and Ramen Noodle packs on the basment pantry stairs. It went something like this:

Challenge+[Creativity(idea)Inspiration] = New Horror Flash Fiction!

So, a caveat about creativity. Creativity, as you grow to use it more, uses you.

What’s the story? Oh, I’m not telling you that. This is just a short little post to inform you that, in two weeks—on or about the 18th, you will be treated to one thousand horific words and then you will be called upon to vote.

I will say one thing: the thousand words is the treat, but the trick of the tale, that was the inspiration.

Wait, click and see.


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