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As Randy Pausch said in last month’s article “It’s Not About Dying,” we should get a feedback loop, and listen to it.

I published my own feedback loop, a few months back, with the article critiquing the website.

Now I offer you the “listen to it” portion. There have been some changes to this ever improving house of words. Please toy, tinker and click on them. More feedback is always awesome. That’s what makes it a loop, after all.

No more Fellowship, Family and Fun!

Right, we hate all those things. No, that’s not true. But my attempt at pinning everything I offer here into three big categories was like trying to shoe-horn an elephant into a jelly jar. Messy. You will now see that the categories under “Refine the Focus” in the sidebar have been replaced with more obvious titles like Living and Psychology, Fiction, On Writing, Movies, Comics and Animation, DIY Psychotherapy, In My Life, and Uplifting. I hope this increase in categories will actually help filter the content, thus proving once again that “more is more.”

But, What Will You Fill The Void With?

Look to the clicky-bar and gaze into the future! Balancing out the faithful “Need Help Now?” page is the all-powerful “Free Writing Now!” page. This page lists the fiction that has sprung up on the site, my collected journalistic offerings from my days at the Doylestown Patriot (via my eLance.com profile) and some more eclectic work. Feast on wordage, friends.

The Font, is it Different?

Um…maybe. Don’t look to close. I downloaded the WordPress 2011 update in my efforts to make the font size more browser friendly. I’m still wrassling with it. It didn’t solve any problems, but it did trash my old formatting, which is why you may see Times New Roman seeping into the blog articles. I really don’t know. I’ve re-written this section three times based on what font the article appeared in, which is not under my full control. It was a bear to get the new free writing page to appear in Sans Serif, which I’m not some huge fan of, but that’s what the site was created in by default. I ask you WP, how did you change my default? Anyone who has a clue should email me so that I stop weeping into the keyboard. It’s a fire hazard.

Also, I installed a plug-in that is supposed to put a font size adjuster at the bottom of the site pages. Aside from nearly crashing the site, I can’t find it. Can you? Maybe I’ll offer a prize.

Please run like sugar-stoked toddlers over these new features and let me know if anything is wonky. I’m a perfectionist and this stuff isn’t perfect. Yet. I’m looking at you WordPress 3.2.1.



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