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Six Word Selah


Selah: To pause and reflect.
Ancient Hebrew

I first came across the word selah in my undergraduate Jewish Poetry and Wisdom Literature class. It’s found in both styles of writing and is most often used to really get the reader to stop and think about what they’ve just read.

It may only be the ancient Jew version of “You best recognize!” but I was taken with the idea that A) I writer acknowledges that the reader’s eyes may be glossing over and B) that the writing should assert itself to correct that. C) That reflecting on the written experience was worth as much as the words themselves. I was also taken with the life-application of this concept and have used it in my life for years. Reflection on the past is key to living healthy in the present and future.

Frequent readers (yeah, that guy) would also know that I love writing challenges, and six word stories are great ways to reflect on your life with a fun challenge that you can’t over-think. Or, shouldn’t. Just six words that tell a tale. For example, here are mine:


Oh, Summer

Joining beaches worlds apart bonded us.

Family Milestones

We each took  next steps together.

In My Private Mirror

I lost half to gain everything.

These little 18 words distil the three most important aspects of the last five months into potent liquor. Slowly sipping and savoring this bracing brew will keep me warm through the Winter and focus my mind and heart on the ever more interesting path ahead.

As always, I encourage you to share your own Six Word Selah, be it below in the comments, at home with a loved one, or quietly to yourself. The means is not as important as the message.



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