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Six Word Summer

six word summer

A revolver holds six bullets, not eight.
The Shawshank Redemption

Over the years this site has become home to a few returning features and one of my favorites is the crafting of Six Word Stories, even to the point of the recent article on how to use them to build your Six Word Self. Along with the neat puzzle of writing a great six word story that conveys the maximum with the minimum, they are a valuable way to reflect on things. As such, I review each season here, in 18 words or less to demonstrate the practice, say farewell to the season past and get my own head straight for the season ahead.

Family Life

We adventured, we loved, we Mickey-ed.

As a Me

I lunged; trusting, balancing and hoping.

In Farewell

My sun-warmed heart, sated, gratefully rests.


I hope your heart does as well. Fall, let’s see what you got.


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