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The Six Word Winter 2016

6 snowflake

Man maintains his balance, poise, and sense of security only as he is moving forward.

– Maxwell Maltz, Surgeon & Author

The seasons change and the six word story challenge returns. We can feel it; the weather is warming and with the excitement it brings also comes a quickening of the schedule, a filling of the calendar.

Those are great things! But, before the sprint of spring turns into the marathon of summer, we deserve to take a breath and reflect on the winter that past. For that, we turn to the Six Word Story to settle our past, to power our present and align our future. It’s a bargain at only six words. Here are mine for this glorious winter.


Family Life

Overcoming ourselves together with tested trust.


As a Me

Practicing parry-riposte of unexpected challenge.


Saying a Grateful Farewell

Snow recedes, the best Christmas remains.


What are yours? Feel free to just pick one sentence or a few topics, but stick to the six word limit! That’s the freedom.

I know we’d love to see some in the comments below if you’d like a little crowd support.

Happy Spring!




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