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Six Word Summer 2016


Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.
– Henry James, Classic American Writer

The feeling is there in my heart; that joyful reminiscence–that bright, full, heaviness, of another season of life closing. I bet it’s in your heart, too, that “What a summer!” feeling. Feel free to make the tone of that statement positive, negative or both, we don’t judge here. But we do take 18 words, three Six Word Stories to commemorate summer and clear the chambers of our hearts to welcome fall.

Family Life

Horses fall, bells crack, we laugh!

As a Me

Eyeing the horizon hopeful; fear faced.

Saying a Grateful Farewell

Summer’s heats forged strength and joys.

How do you bid fond farewell (or wave a finger) at the passing of summer? We encourage you to do so, how ever you chose, but the comment box is always yours if you’d like to share. I promise I’ll respond.

For me, and for all us Karabins, thank you summer, it’s been a blast!




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