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Six Word Autumn 2017


Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.

– Jim Bishop, Journalist


The seasons change and the six word story challenge returns. We can feel it; the air becomes crisp, the winds blow. The earth itself seems to nestle in, growing sleepy and thoughtful.

It is our time for reflection as well. Autumn lends itself to that, with the early dusk and increasing time indoors, and it’s best to take advantage of this moment of repose since the holiday season will soon have us bustling along.

Six word stories have become a tradition here as a way to look back on moments, look ahead in hope or clear our thoughts on the present. As always, I encourage you to try your own, as many have done over the years. Feel free to cherish them yourself, or share them here via the comments or my email if you’d like an ear to hear.

These are my autumn offerings for a season of shedding and change.

Family Life

Faithful adventurers triumph when challenges rise.

Personal Reflection

Returning to trees, seeing the forest.

Saying a Grateful Farewell

Standing tall thanks to firm Foundations.


What are yours? Feel free to just make one sentence or a few topics, but stick to the six word limit—that’s what makes it exciting!

Happy approaching Winter!


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