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Our Brighter Future, Today


We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that can guide us through that darkness to a safe and sane future.”

– President John F. Kennedy


Welcome to the New Year! 2018 will be a pivotal year here at the site and I’m excited for you to be part of it! If I’ve learned one thing about people after being honored to walk alongside so many fine individuals of such diverse backgrounds—and being one, myself, for over forty years!—it is that we’re more alike than we are different. As such, I could have started this post by saying “in trauma informed care it is vital that we are universal in our transparent approach to all individuals; informing them of next steps and seeking their vision, treating everyone as though they may have experience trauma.” Because it’s true, vital and I totally stand behind it (Karabin, 2016). Or I could have said “a large number of individuals on the autism spectrum benefit from preparation and advanced notice of changes in their routines” because it’s also true, vital and I totally stand behind it (Karabin, 2017). Advanced preparation and notice also benefits those who overcome anxiety, depression even substance addiction, so I could have put it that way.

But, as I said, we are more alike than we are different so instead I will begin by saying:

“I think we all simply like to know what’s ahead, what the next steps are and to have some input.” Because we’re all people and unless we’re talking wrapped gifts, pot luck lunches or birthday parties, most people would rather not be surprised.

Yes, it is trauma informed. Yes, it is autism aware and yes it is simply being a kind human to other humans. I strive ever to be those things, so today’s post is an FYI that…


It Started with You


A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

– John Lennon, Visionary

I’ve been garnering splendid interest and feedback ever since going live in 2010 and much of it has been acted upon as we’ve grown together. But the time comes when a plant can only thrive so far in a pot that it’s in and it needs to be repotted in something bigger and better to bloom anew. I’ve been talking with our hosting provider and there’s going to be some neat stuff ahead which has been inspired by your comments, the continued rise of readership, and how best to keep growing together.

So what have you asked for?

A bigger font – I tried a number of solutions within the current theme and they never seemed to stick. There will be a bigger font as part of the whole new theme! Wait, did I say whole new theme? I did. More on that below.

More first person presence – I’m honored that this was even a request, but indeed it was! The articles on this site are written in an engaging, sometime witty, American Psychological Association format and as such are intended as journalistic pieces rather than blog posts, thus a bit of narrative distance is required at times. However, there is a middle ground that I try to dance upon, since as a counselor I am also a believer in purposeful self-disclosure. That dance will continue in the future but there will be an even greater focus on sharing personal insights and experiences when it benefits the article or the readership. That said, I always welcome comments or emails if anyone seeks a direct first-person contact.

Content Notices and Subscriptions – You’ve asked for more ways to stay in touch and notified of new content. In 2018 there will be new and improved ways to do that, but those on the mailing list will see a change to the email starting today! It’s been shortened to just a brief note, with a nod to the busy life we all lead. Those looking to get on the mailing list just send me an email and I’ll gladly put you on.

“I read every article, even if it goes over my head sometimes.” – That was intended as a positive comment from a reader, and I am heartened and grateful for the dedication—hopefully these articles have helped increase your daily wellness and life enjoyment. But, I must say, the comment is also a notice to me that I haven’t fully hit our goal of being “street level” if some of the content is over your head. In 2018 there will be new means by which to ensure that the articles are both clinically engaging and universally understandable. Also, word count will be a focus as there is a balance between providing quality content and being mindful that we all have lives to get to.

But what else do you want to see? Please let me know. For eight years this site has been a fellowship and that’s not changing in 2018, in fact, it will grow more important each year. Please be part of the experience, as I wrote on day one, “You have a place here.”

Our Bright Horizons


Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

– Melody Beattie, Author and Survivor


This site would not exist without you, readers and friends, so first, my humble gratitude. The future of KeithKarabin.com can be summed up in three core values.

Enjoyable – From the lay out, to the fonts, to the functionality, the site itself is designed to be welcoming and easy to navigate; maybe even fun. Just the right amount of words, bright pictures, clean presentation, a neat search engine or two. The articles themselves will continue the dance between clinical and humorous—for in that balance there is wisdom. Or, at least wit. I will continue to ensure this site is a light of positive psychology and street level wellness for years to come. It’s my hope our shared light will only grow brighter in 2018.

Enriching – The content will not change, only grow more potent, with a focus on quarterly or annual themes. We will get more deeply into simple ways we all can use psychological science to increase our wellness and life enjoyment. Interviews and guest writers will continue to spice up the researched pieces. I would especially love to have readers write their own pieces to share. Just email me a proposal, please!

Engaging – “Counselor. Coach. Clinical Consultant.” Those words already adorn the front page of the site. In 2018 they will not only be further defined, they will be further acted upon. There will be new ways to reach me directly for conversation or services and a deeper connection if desired. KeithKarabin.com will become a platform from which we can all grow together.

It’s going to be an exciting year—and next few years—I’m so honored and overjoyed to have you along for the journey!

Thank you, deeply and truly, for your readership, your fellowship and your spirit of triumph in this new adventure.




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