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Operation Habit: The Do Over

It’s been two weeks and there hasn’t been profound interest in The Operation Habit Challenge despite the chance to try something life changing, and the motivation of a prize. That’s not too surprising, since I firmly believe that change is on a continuum and if you’re not at the point where you want to change right now, a nifty game and $25 won’t be the incentive you need.

However, there was feedback that the challenge was too complex. I get that. I had some concerns, myself. In the spirit of feedback and editing as well as second chances, I give you… 


…the NEW Operation Habit Challenge.

1)     Commit to a positive health habit by saying so in the comments below.
2)     Complete it for 32 days. It’s up to you if you want to do it in a row, or skip a day or two.
3)     Record your Pre-Mood and Post-Mood some how and send it to me.*

*Suggestions for recording your mood: Pick whichever method is simplest for you, or make one up.

A)    You can post each of the 32 repetitions here in the comment box below. It’s a great way to keep accountable and be cheered on.

B)    You can email me and I’ll send you a Microsoft Excel tracking chart which you can type your moods into or print out and hand write them. You would then need to email or snail mail them to me by the deadline.

C)    You can still track your Pre-Mood and Post Mood online using the #OperationHabit hashtag if you’d like. It’s a great way to gain motivation. Then just copy that into an MS Word document and email it to me.

D)    You can do something completely different as long as you track your pre-mood and post-mood in a verifiable way. Just email me to talk over your method.

You have until February 3rd to commit to the challenge and until March 16th to get your data to me. The winner will be revealed on Friday, March 23rd.

The point of the challenge is that you build something healthy for yourself, and that way everyone wins. We need to have at least two participants for it to be a challenge. If we can’t get two participants by February 3rd then the challenge ends as a wash and I win the cash! Yay! No, boo. It is really my hope that we can get something going here.

And so I say game on!

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